The country of Santander in Colombia is one of the destinations and transit countries of Venezuelan migrants. The majority of migratory families continue their journey to southern Colombia.

Help for the migrant population is currently very scarce. The Colombian Red Cross in Santander is trying to allocate some financial resources to reduce the basic needs of Venezuelan migrants. At the beginning, help will be aimed at reducing basic needs. These include food boxes for adults and children as well as kits for differentiated body care for men, women and children (under 3 years).

The Colombian Red Cross in Santander asks for your solidarity. This time, we invite you to join this campaign of attention towards Venezuelan migrants. Therefore, #FeedYourSOLIDARITY, it is an alternative for you to make a monetary donation in order to be able to provide humanitarian aid to those people who need it right now.

If the funds are sufficient, a better nutritional project could be funded.

 Intermediary Bank: CITIBANK NEW YORK USA


Aba Code: 021000089




Bank account with Citibank: 36020185

Food ration

The food ration is designed to give the migrants energy and rehydration

Body care package

A package for differentiated body care between men and women. Especially for children under 5 years, in the amount of financial resources.

Primary medical care

Basic care aimed at relieving muscle pain, soft tissue injuries and others.

Así se está utilizando su donación

Descargue la imagen y conozca las acciones realizadas en favor de los migrantes venezolanos a la fecha. Podrá ver como su dinero ha sido invertido y entregado como AYUDA HUMANITARIA a esta población.
Ellos lo agradecen y nosotros hoy somos interlocutores de su mensaje de GRATITUD.